• Training / Technical Support

    Without proper training and support, staff will struggle.

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  • Project Coaching / Mentoring

    Every team needs a coach.

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  • Content Creation

    BDC can create intelligent content and convert your CAD details.

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  • Revit Template Development

    Standardization is essential for a successful migration to BIM.

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    BDC will provide you with a written analysis.

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I’ve been using Revit for about 10 years (before most people had any idea what it was). I use Revit in my firm everyday and I also teach the application to professionals as well as students at Cornell University. You could say I’m a power user – but Bernie continues to impress me with his depth of understanding and his ability to shed light on features old or new that I’ve never known. Bernie is obsessed with technology and finding effective ways to accomplish both simple and complex BIM tasks. Working with him allows me to focus more on design and worry a little less about how to push the right buttons.

Noah Demarest, RA RLA LEED AP – Principal, STREAM Collaborative


“Having a knowledgeable BIM consultant from BIM Design Consultants (BDC) in our office for just 4-6 hours a week has given our staff access to modeling standards and best practices beyond the resources and experience that we have in-house.

We are always looking for ways to support and improve our people and BDC is a great partner in supporting and continuing to develop our BIM knowledge base.”

Quay Thompson – Principal, HOLT Architects


“I have worked with Bernie ever since joining Tetra Tech 5 years ago. Bernie’s work ethic and character are superb.

Bernie has demonstrated technical expertise in the design technologies used in the AE community. As a CAD Manager, Bernie was a valuable resource and participant to the CAD Management team by providing vision and insight from his many years of experience. As a BIM Manager, Bernie was enthusiastic about keeping us ahead of the competition. Bernie is uncompromising in his effort to deliver a quality product to the client.

Bernie continues to enhance his education in the current BIM and design technologies and he would be a valuable asset to anyone needing his services.”

Michael Fate – CAD Director, Tetra Tech


“I’ve worked with Bernie for nearly 16 years and always found his knowledge of CAD and BIM extensive. He’s a pleasure to work with!”

Dan Hill – PE, Manager of Structural Engineering at Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers


“I’ve had the opportunity in working with Bernie Wade on developing Tetra Tech’s first Revit and BIM standards. Working with Bernie directly the last 3 years was a great experience to relate and receive tangible/valuable information regarding the Building Information Modeling market.”

“Bernie is well organized, tenacious, personable and professional. Bernie lead the efforts all things BIM in Tetra Tech and gave a great advantage to Tetra Tech in using BIM efficiently. Bernie managed my efforts in leading the Architectural groups BIM education and development. I have been a user of Autodesk Revit the last 6+ years and Bernie Wade’s expertise was a tremendous help in my education of this Software and its related resources. Bernie has the ability to manage effectively and deliver beneficial products for a company as large 12,000 employees. His skill set should be sought after in the Architectural and BIM markets because he is highly knowledgeable and understands how to implement these types of technologies. I also know Bernie’s knowledge is not limited to BIM but he also has backgrounds in CADD Managment, IT services and Architecture which makes him a well-rounded professional. Please view his credentials as rare, valuable, well vetted and proven for success.”

Clint Treat – Architectural Designer at Tetra Tech Engineering and Architectural Services